A Pro-Active Approach to Certification

Security Criteria Gap Analysis

The best way to ensure success and mitigate exposure in your supply chain is to take a pro-active approach; this also applies to your C-TPAT, PIP, or AEO certification.

If you are new to any of these programs, you’ll want to begin with an analysis that identifies where your current processes and supply chain require improvement to successfully meet the security program’s criteria.


BSI’s Gap Analysis provides a high-level review to determine the impact of C-TPAT, PIP, or AEO criteria on your organization. BSI will work with you to understand your business requirements by reviewing the key elements and legacy risks within your supply chain. The assessment of your organization’s supply chain program utilizes the specific security program criteria as a baseline threshold. Furthermore, BSI works with your organization to identify the scope of the process, and provide guidance on a potential path forward.


Developing an Actionable Plan

The gap analysis will result in recommendations on strategically allocating resources and creating processes to address the potential risk exposure areas. This pro-active approach provides an opportunity to address the possible issues that could prevent the achievement of certification. BSI identifies those areas as a “risk” and assists you in developing a mitigation plan. Further, we will review your organization’s legacy supply chain requirements and the methodologies for monitoring and communicating.

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