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Supplier Compliance Manager® is BSI’s groundbreaking, Web-based tool designed to facilitate and automate mandatory supplier risk assessments. BSI’s patented risk algorithm and supplier assessments, infused with BSI’s proprietary anti-Western terrorism and cargo disruption data is the industry’s leading risk-based assessment methodology, compliant with C-TPAT, PIP and AEO.


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Supply chain security remains a U.S. policy priority. Improved business-to- government communication related to the supply chain has helped to expose supply chain vulnerabilities and risks. CBP's ongoing dialogue with customs authorities is also expanding benefits by improving cross-national communication and risk targeting.


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Ensuring cargo integrity and timely and in-tact delivery, is often complicated by a lack of accurate visibility into operational risk. Country of origin, transportation infrastructure, supplier norms, and product-handling procedures regularly result in theft, tampering, loss, and the introduction of unmanifested cargo.


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Our proven Quantitative Risk Solutions (QRS) applies sophisticated statistical and financial analysis and proprietary risk algorithms to clearly quantify your cargo exposure with unequaled precision. QRS helps reduce loss uncertainty through providing loss forecasts, cost benefit analysis, and detailed financial analysis on global security programs.


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VerifEYE, BSI’s Supplier Verification Audit services, gives your company visibility into your suppliers that is required to effectively manage your supply chain and offers you the confidence to meet your business objectives. Our in-country experts conduct over 100,000 audits each year for thousands of companies like yours so you know you can trust BSI to provide you with quality and comprehensive information on your suppliers.


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White papers, reports and case studies

The need for businesses to develop, implement and expand business continuity strategies across their supply chains and global operations has never been more critical. Natural and environmental disasters, political turmoil, social unrest or simple IT mistakes have ever-increasing potential to cripple – even destroy - an otherwise healthy businesses.


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Our dependency and utilization of international suppliers and factories has grown rapidly in recent years. According to external market research, and BSI’s intelligence team, risk in the supply chain has increased too. Therefore, it is only logical that in order to understand where you source from and who you source from, you must start by quantifying and mitigating supplier exposures.


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Supply chain audits of your suppliers, factories and global operations are an essential component to safeguarding your brand. Compliance with social responsibility, sustainability, trade security, anti-bribery, health and safety, conflict minerals and product quality assurance (GMP/GDP) are challenges that all organization face. The risks are endless, and they continue to expand as a consequence of globalization.


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The most significant counterfeit threats to the aerospace industry are un-salvageable and fake components being introduced into the supply chain. Used aerospace components are often illicitly refurbished and resold on the market as new parts, which increases the risk of a serious health or safety incident. BSI has recorded an increase in seizures of sophisticated counterfeit goods in recent years, including numerous instances of electronics and other components that may be intended for the aerospace market. Aerospace companies must know who their suppliers are in order to protect their brand, reputation, and consumers.


Download the Aerospace Counterfeit Part Introduction (PDF 948 KB)

Threats to the supply chain evolve and change constantly, requiring daily monitoring of supply chain disruptions to build a complete picture of the threat that cargo theft, unmanifested cargo introduction, counterfeiting, trade interruption and supply chain and anti-western terrorism pose to your supply chain. BSI’s supply chain risk intelligence provides a blueprint to help organizations identify and mitigate supply chain risks before they evolve.

BSI’s 2013 SCREEN Global Intelligence Report provides you with an overview of the threats, risks and trends founded by BSI in each region of the world. BSI’s report is packed with cargo and trade disruption statistics, illustrative graphs covering emerging drug flows and cargo theft incidents and informative supply chain risk and trend data and analysis.


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When managing complex supply chains, companies need to take an end-to-end view of their operations. But when it comes to managing supply chain risk, many enterprises settle for a narrow perspective, even though the likelihood of a disruption has increased significantly over recent years.


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With one of the broadest product lines in the industry, Husky equipment is used to manufacture a wide range of plastic products such as bottles and caps for beverages, containers for food, medical components and consumer electronic parts. The company has over 40 service and sales offices, supporting customers in more than 100 countries


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Lean, efficient, and secure supply chains are the lifeblood of most retail organizations. Supply chain management key tasks are to source, procure, and move goods from development stages to store level as cost-effectively as possible, and in the most timely manner.


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BSI has noted a major increase in the number and frequency of cargo thefts involving pharmaceutical products in Italy over the past year.


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These heightened concerns over the spread of the Ebola virus will be particularly punishing for companies that do not properly secure their supply chains.


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